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Commercial Developments

This is Gothong Southern Properties Innovation and Design Centre located at 2Wilson Place, Wilson Street Lahug Cebu City. Customers, service providers and consultants who have been here described it as an office of the millenial group.   GSP envisions this office to be a reflection of what the future developments will be of the Gothong Southern Properties group that is, innovative quality products that will exceed customer expectations. 


Soon to rise in the midst of the bustling city of Cebu is a 10-storey hotel with 3-star accommodation experience guests would love to enjoy!

The first hotel project of Gothong Southern Properties, one of the youngest companies of the Gothong Southern group, is a modern tropical-inspired development having 192 hip and elegant guest rooms design for guests to have a relaxing and soothing experience.


Its amenities are located at the roof deck of the building providing an overlooking view to Asia Town IT Park.  The roof deck houses a dipping pool, activity area and a restobar.


Started since 2009 focusing on the industrial side, Gothong Southern Properties Inc. has container yard developments for Gothong Southern Shipping Lines' branches in  Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.